Dear Friends

Welcome to Poland to Szamotuly-Kozle and visit us on 23-26 November 2017 to participate in „IFSS World Championships Dryland 2017”. We will be very happy to host you and we will do our best to make your stay here, in the beautiful landscapes of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), memorable and successful.

This championships’ slogan is:


We know how important it is to raise awareness of athletes, coaches and other people of sport of fighting doping and educating athletes. This aspect is an important motive of our event.

The Honorary Patron of the championships is Marshal of the Wielkopolska Voivodship, Marek Wozniak.

The host of the event in Szamotuly-Kozle is the WOLF TEAM Sports Club. So far their cooperation with the Polish Association of Sleddog Sports and local government units has been the guarantee of a well prepared event in every aspect.

The host of the venue is Wieslaw Kramm, the administrator of the Kozle village, where the facilities and the planned trails are.

We are giving you a very warm welcome and wish you a great stay.


Welcome  to  Kozle!

Koźle (Cosel, Kosel, Kossel, Kössel)

geographical coordinates 52°34′34″N 16°23′54″E;

Koźle village is located in Greater Poland Voivodeship, within Szamotuły county, in the administrative district of Gmina Szamotuły.

Koźle has a group of energetic and resourceful residents who came up with an ingenious idea of creating a theme village. What can the guests see?

The first destination is Zagroda Koźlaków (Goat Farm) run by Renata and Wiesław Kramm. Of course the main topic there is animals and such products as goat cheese in a number of varieties, delicious bread and equally delicious honey.

Another attraction is Wiatrak Koźlaka (Windmill), with its hosts Ewelina and Krzysztof Tomkowiak, who know everything about flour milling.

The next stop is Kozielsko (House of Herbs), where guests can listen to many stories about herbs told by a herb devotee, Magda Michalak, the wife of Piotr Michalak, a great animator and Koźle enthusiast.

The fourth place is Gajówka–Koziołówka (Gamekeeper’s Cabin), where you can listen to a story about a billy-goat, who is the symbol of the village, and about other animals and hunting. The stories will probably be told by Magda and Radek Walkowiak.

These four places are not the end of the story and residents can still put forward new ideas. Theme villages at the seaside or in the mountains draw on their obvious assets but in the case of Koźle it was more difficult to come up with something interesting. Sled dog competitions already organised in Koźle proved to be a spectacular success due to natural assets of the place as well as organisational skills and hospitality of residents.


Which airport will be most convenient on the way to WCh IFSS 2017 Dryland in Kozle-Szamotuly?


Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to your arrival in Poland and we would like to make the journey, sometimes from very remote corners of the world, run smoothly and comfortably.

Kozle is a small village in the northwestern part of Poland. The nearest large city is the capital of Wielkopolska – Poznan, which has an international airport. 

Here you will find a list of countries with which Poznan maintains regular flight connections:

If you are planning to fly to Poland, take a look at the airports that are closest to Kozle: 

Poznan-Lawica Airport: 60 km to Kozle

Wroclaw-Strachowice Airport: 200 km to Kozle

Szczecin-Goleniow Airport: 200 km to Kozle

Berlin Airport: 250 km to Kozle:

Tegel is an airport in the northwestern part of Berlin

Schonefeld – airport in the south-east of Berlin