Trails Maps and Info

According to the Invitation :

“…Participants may inspect the trail only on foot, bicycle or scooter. Only one dog on foot, no dog with vehicle….”

The trail viewing is possible on Thursday at  2 p.m.

The Trail Boss Krzysiek Janecki made some corrections in the distances and on the maps. Please check the maps and new legend:

the trails have the numbers. These numbers will be marked on the signs on thr trails.

Nr.3  means the trail   3,3 km

Nr.4  means the trail   4,5 km

Nr.5 means the trail    5,3 km

Nr.7 means the trail    7,0 km


Szamotuly – Kozle

25 June 2017

This is our proposal concerning trails and details will be confirmed as the event draws near, based on Race Marshall’s decision. The proposed race distances include: 1.0km, 3.3km, 4.5km, 5.7km, 7.5km. Trails will be arranged on meadows and in forests and they will be about 4 meters wide. The surface will be hard with some sandy stretches. Interchanges will be wide, bending gently and collision-free. We believe that winding trails are an interesting proposal for dogs and mushers. For example, the longest trail is 7.5 km long with 20 left/right turns. We have a surprise for bikejoring classes. We promise it will be interesting but safe. Soon our team headed by Trail Boss Krzysiek Janecki will present films and photos of the trails.

To keep you updated any changes in trails will be introduced on the map.

See you soon!