IFSS Preselected   athletes  WCh  Dryland 2017 

IFSS entryform WCh 2017-Dryland – Poland Szamotuly-Kozle



The registration of qualified drivers, including those who were pre-selected by IFSS, name and DID no., shall be received by the IFSS VP Sport ( with a copy to the IFSS VP Economy ( on the entry form (see the IFSS Web site to download and use this form) on or before October 30th, 2017

Also relay teams shall be registered on the entry form and paid according to this schedule. Individual names of the relay team members shall be provided to the Race Marshal at the Team Leader meeting on Saturday afternoon. 

Teams to be seeded, pre-selected and Registered Nordic Breed teams shall be marked on the entry form. 

Entry forms and entry fees received after October 30th, 2017 will be considered late entries. All late entries must pay double the entry fee and are subject to the approval of the IFSS. No late entries shall be accepted after November 6th, 2017. 

Entry fees are not refundable except in the case of cancellation of the race.

Immediately after November 6, 2017, the IFSS will notify the concerned federations if a class is cancelled due to lack of enough participation for World Champion title (criteria mentioned above). 

All participants have to submit an IFSS Competitor Waiver Form. For contestants in junior classes an IFSS Guardian Form has to be submitted additionally.



▪ Canicross elite and veteran 80 € 

▪ Canicross junior 50 € 

▪ Bikejoring elite and veteran 80 € 

▪ Bikejoring junior 50 € 

▪ 1-Dog scooter 80 € 

▪ 1-Dog scooter junior 50 € 

▪ 2-Dog scooter 80 € 

▪ 4-Dog rig 90 € 

▪ 4-Dog rig junior 50 € 

▪ 6-Dog rig 95 € 

▪ 8-Dog rig 100 € 

▪ RELAY 90 €

Entry fee payment must be made by the National Federations of the competitors, via bank transfer to the IFSS account. See instructions on “Entry Form” excel file and below. If you have any questions please contact IFSS VP Economy 


Bank details: 

KBC Bank Bruxelles Louise, AVENUE LOUISE 306, 1050 BRUXELLES, BELGIUM 

Acc.Nr.: BE89 7350 3332 9285 

IBAN: BE89 7350 3332 9285